Food Safety Decisions

  • 4-20-2015

- Tools and Tips for Food Producers of Ready-to-Eat Foods

Food providers make daily decisions regarding suppliers, ingredients, process conditions, distributors and customers. Even at "business as usual conditions" such decisions are complex and challenging. Several risk assessment tools and models have been developed during the last decades, but surprisingly, these are little used by the industry. In the STARTEC project, a mapping of decision and production processes was carried out. An outcome was that decision support is needed when tradeoffs between safety, quality and costs have to be done, both at the strategic level and in day-to-day decisions. We have developed a framework of a simpler but multidisciplinary tool which has the potential to support tradeoff decisions in the industry. The basis for the tool is the process flow chart of specific products and simulations where each parameter in the tool are categorised in a traffic light system. The workshop will present some of the studies in the project and present the prototype STARTEC IT tool: • Ingredient and technology choices for food safety • The STARTEC tool and guidelines for food producers • Developing tools for food safety decision-making - challenges and recommendations • ‘A day in the life’ – a food company shares its wisdom • The workshop is organized by the STARTEC project, which is a three-year EU-funded project which started in 2012, to develop a food safety decision support tool for SME manufacturers of ready-to-eat foods. STARTEC involves very close collaboration between food-producing SMEs, research organisations, and universities. In addition to the tool, STARTEC has developed guidelines for the food industry, based on the most relevant research findings from STARTEC and practical experience and inputs from industry. STARTEC Website: