WP4: Cost Benefit Analyses


Work package number 4  
Start date or starting event: 2
Work package title Cost benefit analysis for RTE products
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State of the art economic valuation techniques will be used to assess the economic costs and benefits related to the demand for, and enhancements to, the production of RTE goods. Participants in this WP will work closely with SMEs to obtain detailed cost information related to producing RTE goods under alternative production methods. It is envisaged that this information can be used to inform SMEs on the potential costs savings related to producing RTE goods for consumers. This WP will also collect detailed information to ascertain the benefits to consumers from enhancements arising under the STARTEC project. This information will be used to forecast the effects of these enhancements on the demand and market share of RTE products. To enable market differentiation for RTE products two further objectives of this WP are to identify market segments of these goods and establish the socio-demographic profiles of consumers who characterise these segments. The methods employed in this WP will further be used to identify differences in demand, and preferences for, enhanced RTE products across different geographical locations within Europe. This will also allow for a spatial comparison of the costs of producing RTE foods in one geographical location and the benefits to consumers in that same geographical location and beyond, thereby providing input for region-specific (and/or country-specific) cost benefit analysis.



T4.1 Identify the baseline costs associated with producing RTE products.

T4.2 Identify the costs associated with alternative RTE production methods.

T.4.3 Identify the benefits associated with enhanced RTE products.

T4.4 Conduct a full CBA associated with enhanced RTE products.

T4.5 Data input for decision making tool.



D.4.1 Report on SME costs associated with production of baseline and enhanced RTE products

D.4.2 Report on benefits relating to enhanced RTE products for regular, potential and vulnerable consumers

D.4.3 Report on CBA of changing production methods for enhanced RTE products

D.4.4 Data for RTE decision-making tool